Allied Gold is a Great Place to Work

Allied Gold Corporation is a Canadian-based gold producer located in African jurisdictions, employing approximately 2,000 employees and more than 4,000 contractors. We work intelligently and safe, discovering and transforming the world’s gold resources into value while at all times respecting our people, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Our leadership, people and culture attract and inspire the brightest minds in the business. We believe all employees contribute to the growth and success of the organization and we strive to provide a work environment where everyone is encouraged and supported to reach their highest potential.

Guided by the highest standards of integrity, diversity and ethics, our operations and offices promote knowledge sharing and the development of operational excellence and best business practices. We ensure that our operations, as well as our corporate and regional offices, operate with the highest degree of business ethics, abiding by extensive internal policies that are applicable to all employees and contractors.

We strive to be an equal opportunity employer, without discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, disability, ethnicity, or religion throughout all levels of the Company. Allied Gold’s goal is to employ a strong and diverse workforce that is also reflective of the communities in which we operate.

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Our People & Culture

At Allied Gold, we believe that an environment that fosters diversity is an environment that brings out the unlimited potential of our people and encourages innovation and organizational growth. We consider our people to be our most valuable assets, therefore we create a work environment that values and cultivates employee engagement and a healthy workplace culture through programs and employee initiatives.

Our team is diverse, highly experienced and motivated to live Allied Gold’s values every day and continuously seeks ways to improve our work and operations.

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What We Offer

Our company proudly presents a comprehensive total rewards offering that emphasizes internally fair and externally competitive compensation and benefits packages. We are committed to sustainable practices that ensure employee satisfaction and retention. Our approach to total rewards is aligned with our business strategy and goals, reflecting our dedication to fostering a thriving and motivated workforce.

We regularly participate in relevant market reviews in the regions where we operate to ensure that our programs are aligned with our overall total rewards philosophy, whilst remaining competitive in the region when compared to our peers in the mining industry and other relevant industries.

We continuously look to invest in benefits for our employees. In addition to those legally required by each jurisdiction, our employee benefits are benchmarked to be aligned or above market. Our low voluntary turnover rate demonstrates focus on engagement and our commitment to cultivating an attractive workplace that is aligned with international best practices.

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Training and Development

Fostering talent and developing people are fundamental to Allied Gold’s success. We believe that career growth is important, therefore we provide training and development opportunities that ensure our people can expand their skills, knowledge and experience. We promote a dynamic environment that encourages professional growth, and use tools to provide individual assessment, identify training opportunities and create individual development plans.

Career Opportunities

A career with Allied Gold offers endless opportunities. Our employees are experts in their respective fields, demonstrating a wealth of knowledge and experience. One of our core beliefs is that attracting, developing and retaining exemplary talent is critical to being competitive and sustaining a high-performing workforce.
We are looking for diverse and dynamic individuals who can effectively collaborate with our strong team. If you are a qualified individual who would like to join our talented team, we invite you to apply.

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