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Operating a diversified and high quality portfolio of assets across the continent and creating significant value for stakeholders through responsible mining


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Allied Gold Corporation (TSX:AAUC, AAUC.DB.U) is a Canadian-based gold producer with a high-quality, diversified portfolio of long-life assets. These assets, which include both producing and development stage properties, are strategically located in African jurisdictions that are supportive of mining, including Mali, Côte d’Ivoire and Ethiopia.

The company’s strategic plan centres on achieving substantial growth in both production and financial metrics. This will be accomplished through a combination of initiatives, including expansions and optimizations at existing mines, the development of new mining projects, and the progression of exploration properties. This growth strategy is primarily focused on mining-friendly regions in Africa and extends to emerging markets more broadly.

With an unwavering commitment to responsible and transparent operations, Allied Gold aims to not only deliver sustainable returns to its shareholders but also to make transformative contributions to all stakeholders involved.

Allied’s common shares and convertible debentures are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company’s common shares trade in Canadian dollars under the symbol “AAUC”, and its convertible debentures trade in United States dollars under the symbol “AAUC.DB.U”.

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